Layman’s Report

Recommendations on Post disaster damage data collection and analysis – download pdf


Del A1: Technical note describing stakeholders to be involved in the project – download pdf
Del A2: Technical report on the existing practices for data collection in Italy, Spain and the UK – download pdf
Del A3, A4, A5: Database of available data for the case studies (Umbria – Italy; Lorca and Val d’Aran – Spain; Gloucestershire – UK) – download pdf

Del B.1: Forensic investigation: methodological aspects and main findings from case studies – download pdf
Del B.2: Forensic investigation in the Umbria case study – download pdf
Del B.3: Forensic investigation in the case studies in Spain (Lorca and Vall D’Aran) – download pdf
Del B.4: Document describing forensic assessment of damage to business and the utilities sector in the case study area in UK – download pdf
Del B.5: Brief of meetings with utilities companies and public authorities on needs for forensic investigation. The Umbria case – download pdf

Del C.1: Technical report on basic requirements of reporting for compensation purpose in Italy. Link with forensic investigation needs – download pdf
Del C.4: Focus on compensation schemes for businesses in the UK – download pdf

Del D.1: Technical report on data requirement for flood risk modelling – download pdf
Del D.2: Technical Report on Data Requirements for Seismic Risk Modelling: towards Full Event Scenarios – download pdf
Del D.3: Mitigation measures to increase businesses resilience – download pdf
Del D.4: Cost‐benefit analysis of mitigation measures to pilot firms/infrastructures in Italy – download pdf

Del E.5: Key recommendations for the ongoing activity on improving damage and losses databases at EU level – download pdf